The narrow pane on the left (with the menu and your avatar) is what we call the Navigator. It is always there to help you:

You can see your avatar at the top of the Navigator, along with the current Workplace name and the email address you use in this Workplace.

The top of the Navigator is mostly informational, but your avatar is actually a button. Press it to get access to the following:

You can collapse the Navigator to get some extra working space:

  1. Press the [Hamburger] icon in the top-right corner of the Navigator to collapse it.

  2. Press the [Hamburger] icon again to expand the Navigator to its regular size.

You can make the Navigator wider by dragging its right edge. Use this option to change the proportions between the Navigator and Timebook’s main screen (but remember that it won’t work with a collapsed Navigator).

Notification Hub

Pressing the [Bell] icon (in the top-left corner of the Navigator) takes you to the Notification Hub.

It is the central place to view and respond to all system notifications you receive without having to go to a specific app or module.

The number next to the [Bell] icon indicates how many new notifications you received since your last visit to the Notification Hub.

Notification types

Timebook comes with plenty of notification types. You can see them in various contexts, depending on the module you use.

Calendar notifications:

  • Meeting invitations requiring your attention (decline or accept)

  • guests accepting or declining your invitations

  • people waiting to be admitted to your open Meetings (when accessing via a public link)

  • Meeting reminders (“your meeting starts in 10 minutes”)

  • confirmation of scheduled Appointments

  • guests voting for one of your Poll options

  • your Poll getting close to its expiry date

  • host of a Poll deciding the final date & time of the meeting

  • host canceling an event you wanted to participate in

Tasks notifications:

  • people assigning tasks to you

  • people completing tasks you assigned to them

  • your tasks getting close to their due date

Notes notifications:

  • people sharing Notes with you

  • you being mentioned in a Note comment

Dismissing notifications

To dismiss the outstanding notifications, go to the Notification Hub and do one of the following:

  • To get rid of all notifications at once, press [Dismiss all]. Your Notification Hub is now empty, and you are returned to the main screen.

  • To remove a single notification, press [Dismiss] just under it. The notification is no longer visible in the Hub.

Navigator Settings

To customize the looks of your Navigator, press the [Cogwheel] icon in the bottom-left corner.

This opens the Navigator Settings menu, where you can define which apps are visible in the Navigator, how labels and icons are displayed, and what color theme to use.

App visibility

Use the options listed here to decide which Timebook apps will show in your Navigator.

Use the checkboxes to keep your favorite apps in the Navigator and hide the ones you don’t plan to use.

Calendar App is the only one that can’t be hidden as it is the key Timebook component.

Labels & icons

The following options are available here:

  • [Labels when collapsed]
    Use this toggle to show or hide the names of Navigator elements.
    Set it to “ON” to see the icons and names of the elements.
    Set it to “OFF” to see the icons only.

Color theme

Use this toggle to switch between the default light background or the dark one (which we affectionately call the “panda mode”).

This only affects the Navigator, not the main screen.

Links to settings

This is your quick access point to all the settings available in Timebook.

Use the links to manage the following:


We added help options to the Navigator so that you can get different types of support when using Timebook.

To get the help you need, press the [Question mark] icon in the bottom-left of the Navigator, and select one of the available options. The options link to the relevant places on our product website (see below).

Help Center

This landing page leads to our knowledge base. This is the place to start if you want to learn how to make the most out of Timebook or find guidance on a specific feature.

Help Center contains two locations:

  • [Learn Basics]
    This is a list of the most popular Timebook features and a great starting point for all new users. Spend a few minutes here to see what our app can offer and learn about its most essential features.

  • [Complete Guide]
    If you are reading this, there’s a good chance you are actually browsing through the Complete Guide. These pages are full of content describing every corner of Timebook and answering all the questions you might have. If the guide gets overwhelming, just use the search bar to find specific information.

Tips & tricks

When you logged in to Timebook for the first time, you might have noticed the box in the bottom-right corner. It contained animated guidance on how to use one of Timebook's features.

This box is what we call Tips & tricks, and we want to use it to show you how to make the most of Timebook. Tips & tricks will showcase several features, together with short descriptions and animated flows.

If you are familiar with the displayed feature, press [Got it!] to move to our next suggestion. Or press [Skip all tips] to close the Tips & tricks section for good.

You can always use the [Reset all tips & tricks] button in the Navigator to bring back all our suggestions if you want to go over them again.


This part of Timebook Help is the [Frequently Asked Questions] page, where we answer the most common queries.

The FAQ section does not explain how Timebook features work but focuses on general customer questions about the app.

So if you have questions about the product’s availability, this is an excellent place to start. But if you need guidance on features, see the Help Center.

Submit request

It would be great if you could contact us when you:

  • notice a Timebook feature that doesn’t work correctly

  • would like to see a new feature added in an upcoming release

  • come up with an improvement to an existing feature

  • want to share your general feedback on using Timebook

For these purposes, we added the [Submit request] option to our Help. Use it to access a simple contact form where you can report your issues or share your comments with us.

We appreciate your feedback as our ultimate goal is to adjust Timebook to the needs of our customers and make it as user-friendly as possible.