Notes App

As you get things done with Timebook, the Notes App becomes the central location for your written content.

You can create and edit notes with the help of a full-blown text editor. You can share your notes with others or reuse them as attachments in Calendar and Tasks Apps. And there's also a system for adding and resolving comments so you can effectively review and collaborate. With Timebook Notes App, you won't need an external text editor to supplement your work management.


Notes App is divided into two areas. The narrow pane on the left (what we call the Note Picker) holds all your notes and lets you navigate between them. You can also use the two tabs available here:

  • [My notes]
    In this tab, you can see all the notes you created.

  • [Shared with me]
    n this tab, you can see only the notes others shared with you. Your access to notes in this tab might vary depending on your permissions. See
    Share notes & create tasks for more information.

You can change how your notes are grouped in the Note Picker:

  1. Press the [Grouped by:] dropdown.

  2. Select one of the options to group your notes by:

    • Date modified

    • Date created

    • Owner

    • Tags

Edit & create note

While Note Picker is for navigation, Note Editor (the larger pane on the right) is where the actual writing happens. Select one of the notes in the Note Picker to display its contents in the Note Editor. You now have access to all necessary text-formatting options, and you can also add images to your note.

If you don’t have any notes, go ahead and create some:

  1. Press [+ New note] at the top of the screen.

  2. A new note is created, and you are prompted to give it a title. Also, this note is now visible in the Note Picker.

  3. You can start adding content to your note.

Text editing options

The options available in Note Editor are similar but not limited to other popular text editors’ options. You can:

  • define the hierarchy of your paragraphs by turning them into headings of different levels

  • adjust the font style by applying bold, italic, underline, or strikethrough

  • enhance the structure of notes by using quote blocks, code blocks, or dividers

  • improve organization with bulleted lists, numbered lists, or checklists

  • improve the visual side of your notes by changing text color, adding highlights, or inserting images

  • use the [Add tags] option to make your note stand out or group it with notes of a similar type

  • quickly reorder paragraphs by grabbing the handle to the left of a paragraph and dragging it to a new position

Share notes & create tasks

You can achieve more with Notes App than just creating written reminders to yourself. For example, you can invite others to collaborate on your notes or turn written instructions into actionable tasks.

To share your note with others:

  1. Press the [Meatballs] icon next to the note you want to share.

  2. Select [Share].

  3. Start typing the name of the person you want to share your note with and select them from the list of suggestions. You can repeat this step to add more people.

  4. Define permissions for each person. You can choose from:

    • [Can view]

    • [Can edit]

    • [Can edit & share]

  5. [Optional] You can leave a comment in the space provided.

  6. Press [Share] to complete the process.

To create a task out of your note:

  1. Highlight a part of the text in your note.

  2. Select [Create task] from the resulting menu.

  3. A new Task Card opens; its title matches the text you highlighted in your note.

You can now adjust the remaining options for your new task.

See Task Card options for more details.

Add & resolve comments

You can use the comments system in Notes App to further improve the collaboration and review process.

To add comments to text in your notes:

  1. Highlight the part of the text you want to comment on.

  2. Select [Comment] from the resulting menu.

  3. Type your comment in the space provided.

  4. [Optional] Press [Add file] to add attachments to your comment.

  5. [Optional] Press [Mention] to notify someone of your comment. Remember that this person must have access to this note (they created it, or you shared it with them).

  6. Press [Send] to complete the process.

Commented parts of text are immediately highlighted so you can identify them quickly. Press the highlight to access the comment thread where you can:

  • use [Add comment…] to reply to previous comments

  • press the [Meatballs] icon and select [Edit] to modify your existing comments

  • Press [Resolve] to mark the comment thread as completed.

  • press the [Meatballs] icon and select [Delete thread] to delete the comment and all its replies

Instead of working with one comment at a time, you can press the [Comment] icon in the top-right corner of the Note Editor. This opens a separate window showing all comments made to the active note. The comments are grouped in two tabs:

  • [Open]
    This tab contains all active comment threads and lets you apply standard actions to the active comments.

  • [Resolved]
    This tab contains all inactive comment threads that were marked as completed.