People App

As you get things done with Timebook, the People App becomes your universal address book with internal and external contacts.

The People App may look like an ordinary register that stores all your contacts. But Timebook boosts it with flexible editing, quick contact buttons, and the Trusted Contact feature. Build your Trusted Contacts network to share notes, assign tasks, and view calendars quickly and securely.


People App is divided into two areas. The narrow pane on the left (what we call the Contact Picker) holds all your contact cards and lets you navigate between them. You can also use different contact lists using the menu at the top of the screen. The following lists are available here:

  • [Contacts]
    This list contains all your active contacts.

  • [Archived]
    This list contains all the contacts you decided to [Archive] but did not [Restore]. See
    Add & manage contacts for more details.

  • [Blocked]
    You can use the [Block contact] option to stop all communication with selected contacts. This list shows all contacts you blocked.

You can also find your contacts quickly using the [Search] button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Add & manage contacts

While Contact Picker is for navigation, Contact Card (the larger pane on the right) is where you can start managing your contacts.

Select one of your contacts in the Contact Picker to view and edit its Contact Card. Each Card contains the information usually found in address books.

To edit a person's contact details:

  1. Press the [Meatballs] icon.

  2. Select [Edit].

  3. Enter all necessary information and press [Save] to complete the process.

To create a new contact:

  1. Press [+ New contact] in the top-right corner.

  2. Enter all necessary information.

  3. [Optional] Use the [Upload image] button to add an avatar to this Contact Card.

  4. Press [Save]. Your new contact is now visible in the Contact Picker.

To contact a person directly either:

  • press [Instant meeting] to start a video call with the person

  • or press [Email] and select your client to send an email to the person

To manage unwanted contacts either:

  • press [Meatballs] and select [Archive] to mark the contact as inactive and move it to the list of archived contacts

  • or press [Meatballs] and select [Block contact] to stop receiving any communication from this person and move it to the list of blocked contacts

Contacts vs. Trusted Contacts

People App treats all your new contacts as "regular" ones. So it will store their data, allow you to edit it, or let you use the quick contact options.

But you can upgrade your experience with People App by adding people as Trusted Contacts. Apply this status to all the contacts you want closer cooperation with.

These are the benefits of a Trusted Contact connection:

  • you can view each other's calendars and see which time slots are free or busy

  • share notes with each other with the Notes App

  • assign tasks to each other with the Tasks App

  • exchange internal Timebook messages

To add a person as your Trusted Contact:

  1. Press [Meatballs] on this person's Contact Card.

  2. Select [Add to Trusted Contacts].

  3. Press [Add] on the resulting pop-up to confirm.

  4. An invitation is now sent to the person you selected. You will become Trusted Contacts as soon as they accept your invitation.