Plan your work & work your plan
with timebook

Manage your time

At Timebook, we go beyond the popular concept of a calendar. We see it as a landing page and a management center for all your work items. Timebook offers a calendar that does not stop at planning but also enables you to execute your work.

All your calendars are synchronized to improve the process of planning. Automated scheduling protects you from having to constantly negotiate time slots for meetings. You can instantly turn objects pinned to your calendar into actionable tasks.

Try Timebook’s unified calendar to get a streamlined view of all the things you need to get done today, regardless of the source that requested your time.

Define your work

At Timebook, we want to help you bring all your work together. We stick to the "anything can be a task" approach so that you can turn your notes, messages, and emails into actionable objects. This is a real boost to your planning, which in turn leads to better execution.

You work independently from the sources that delivered your data. Timebook gives you unified work objects, ready to be used in any context you need. You don't have to switch between several apps so you can fully focus on shaping your work, from epics to subtasks.

Let Timebook pull your tasks from different sources and serve them to you in a relevant context. Don’t worry about the source, focus on the result.

Collaborate flexibly

At Timebook, we focus on empowering teams and making collaboration effortless. We help to build workplaces where contributing and sharing are made easy. We assist teams in working smarter through workgroups, planners, sharing, and external partnerships.

Micro-share work items by choosing workplace members and defining their access rights. Macro-share entire projects by inviting people to your workgroups.

With Timebook, you can extend collaboration beyond the borders of a single workplace. Invite external partners and give them access to selected work items to ensure effective collaboration.

Communicate freely

At Timebook, we streamline your communication so that you don't have to manage sources and channels. Instead, focus fully on the contents of your messages and make them a part of your workflows. On top of that, use Timebook contact cards as hubs for all your interactions.

With Timebook, you get one place to access all your messages regardless of which system hosts them. And you don’t have to force your collaborators to switch to Timebook immediately.

Make messages and conversations a part of your work. Turn them into actionable objects, like tasks or notes. Add some action to your communication!